Kearston Ingraham, MPH


Safe Water Access & Training Consultants is a “Minority - Based Enterprise” companiy, rich in experience and expertise in the areas of healthcare and eHealthcare delivery.


Safe Water Access and Training Consultants along with our industry leading and g;obally recognized "Strategic Alliance Partners"  have over 40 years of combined experience in the our respective fields which includes Information Technology, application development, network design and communication, project management and integrated solutions development and delivery.


Our clients have included organizations such as State, Federal and Local governments, universities, health institutions and Fortune 500 countries nationwide as well as international..

Recognizing the extreme value of our safe water access, training and delivery programs, coupled with ICT as an integral component of our business model, it has enabled us to effectively and successfully develop and deliver poverty reduction programs, safe water delivery systems, safe water purification at point of use.


Our training programs as well as eHealth and Tele-Health services are geared to save  lives in the impoverished countries on the continent of Africa.  


Given the success of our health care program, we were requested by health organization across the globe as well as presidents and Heads of State in many African countries to assist them in developing safe water solutions, health care programs, poverty reduction programs and skills development programs; all of which would save the lives of their people, especially the children between the ages of 0 – 8 years old.


We are extremely happy that a global humanitarian funding foundation has expressed a willingness to fund our Safe Water Delivery and Access programs in the countries of:


* Republic of Botswana      * Republic of Malawi   

* Republic of Zambia         * Republic of Liberia        * Republic of Ghana          * Republic of Lesotho

* Republic of  Kenya         * Republic of South Africa

 Republic of Swaziland    * Republic of Uganda