Safe Water Access And Training Consultants Team

" A Powerful Network of Leading Medical, Technology, Research Institutions and Industry Professionals"

With our strong team of dedicated Safe Water Access And Training Consultants Advisors,  e are able to offer some of the most comprehensive offerings of products and services that have global recognition and accolades. 

We assembled our Advisors based on their leading edge business, technology, Telehealth, project management, economic development and medical application solutions. Safe Water Access and Training Consultants is committed to delivering life saving seHeath, Telehealth and safe water solutions to address the un-necessary deaths and illnesses that are devastating the lives of families. We are extremely proud of our relationships and programs from top-tier universities for networking and knowledge exchange, or tailored research.

Dr. Henry Edington, M.D., MPH
Dr. Henry Edington - EMG-Africa

EMG-Africa, LLC is a Medical Informatics and Telehealth Company; its purpose is to develop, promote and implement various health care strategies primarily using Information and Communication Technology. Evaluation and monitoring of the efficacy and functionality of these strategies will be continuous.


The initial step is to set up a network of health care providers; this network will include clinics and hospitals with web-based connections. Patient records will be stored electronically in a secure and confidential manners; access will be via personal identification number (PIN). The provider network will then develop a strategy to acquire and distribute drugs and medicines as well as monitor and evaluate the efficacy of the medicines.

Concentration will be directed toward HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis but will include other infectious and non-infectious disorders. Emphasis will be placed on voluntary testing and counseling (VTC) for HIV/AIDS along with education and prevention.


The web-based connection will be used for distance learning and continuing medical education (CME) for health care providers. Distance learning and remote consultations can be obtained through hyper links with Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins and Med-Line, etc.

Dr. Doris Browne, M.D., MPH

Dr. Doris Browne, has more than 30 years of experience in executive medical management and leadership at the national and international levels.
Her former positions as worldwide technical director for biomedical research and development initiatives for the U.S. Army and Director of the Department of Defense women’s health initiatives provided her with unique and extensive experiences associated with military and civilian populations in domestic and international settings.
Her public health background and vast work experiences underscore her special interest and expertise in addressing the disparities in health status, health care availability, and health service delivery to the urban, inner city population and medically underserved populations.
Dr Browne’s medical expertise in medical oncology is focused on breast, prostate and colorectal cancer with a special emphasis on breast cancer prevention in a subtype of breast cancer known as triple negative breast cancer.

Dr. Prudencia L. Mweemba, MSc, PhD

Dr. Prudencia L. Mweemba, MSc, PhD - Professor University of Zambia. School of Medicine - Department of Post Basic Nursing

“As a Professor and Lecturer at the University of Zambia, Prudencia has consistently demonstration the highest level of commitment to women and children. “

Prudencia has provided health care for orphans, elderly, and widows, especially those with HIV/AIDS and their families, and provided health information to girls through community-oriented organizations.

She has organized "Health Promotion Activities" to reach women and children in the market place, including mobilizing a children's clinic, providing literature to women on family planning and on HIV/AIDS prevention. Prudencia; efforts has resulted in the development of the only Master of Science in Nursing program in Zambia and the first research project entitled "Knowledge, attitude and practices of adolescent mothers towards baby care.¨

Contributed to establishment of Zambia Journal of Nursing and Midwifery.

Having successfully completed her PhD at the Kent State University in Ohio it is her intention to return to the Republic of Zambia and the University of Zambia assuming her roles of lecturing, clinical teaching, student supervision and counseling, mentorship and research supervision.  

There is a dire need to design and implement programs to train nurses (75% are women) and other medical staff to improve health care standards and to address the shortage of qualified nurses (nurse shortage of 48%; 16% of nurses are HIV+) and to further strengthen a professional network at Kent State University to collaborate on future programs to promote health care in Zambia as the investment in her advanced education will be a major asset to a country with so few nurses prepared with advanced degrees.

Bibbi Stokes - Licensed Practical Nuese

Bibbi Stokes is licensed practical nurse and member of the Association for Nurses in AIDS Care (Nominations Committee Chairperson).  In this capacity Bibbi is the nurse responsible for educating patients on Fuzeon through the Nurse Connections program in the northeast. 


Bibbi’s has a tremendous passion and commitment for helping HIV positive patients as she has an extensive background in HIV/AIDS care. With over 20 year’s experience as a volunteer for HIV/AIDS organizations and causes she is one of the most qualified professionals available in the field.


Bibbi worked for the AIDS Coalition of Southern New Jersey (ACSNJ) as a Program Coordinator and during her tenure she was responsible for various programs such as speakers’ bureau, support groups, resource center management and volunteer coordination.  I founded the AIDS Interfaith Ministry (AIM) as a program of ACSNJ. 


After one year, AIM was awarded its own 501-c-3, non-profit status and I was appointed Executive Director.  Bibbi also worked as a training consultant, coordinating conferences and facilitating workshops for the NJ Dept. of Health when they launched a Faith-Based Initiative Program to houses of worship throughout the state. 


Most notably as a consultant for ResourceLinC, Bibbi traveled as their to various southern African countries as an HIV Training Specialist, assisting in the development and delivery of specialized HIV/ AIDS Education, Awareness and Prevention programs for African Militaries under an award they received from the US Department of Defense.